Helpful Hints


Acclimation Zones

The Frag Station was designed for short term storage of frags. They are made to sit on the aquarium bottom or sand bed, but they will also fit well into most aquarium aquascaping. By placing Frag Stations at different levels in your aquarium you create acclimation zones. This will make it easier for you to acclimate your new frag slowly and safely to the conditions of your aquarium. Start the frag in a Frag Station and over time move it into Frag Stations placed in your aquascaping until you get it to the area you want to permanently mount it.

Mini-Coral Farm

Frag tanks are expensive and unless you have a large system they are relatively inefficient. You need an extra aquarium, lights, power heads, and heaters. Often times you end up needing more heaters or a larger chiller as well. With the Frag Station you can create a mini coral farm right in your display tank. You grow the frags in the same aquarium as the mother colony. Less chance for color loss and it will save you money in the long run. By growing frags out in the Frag Stations the money you save on electricity alone will pay for itself. Now add the savings of not having to add a frag tank and it puts added money in your pocket when you sell your frag or reduces your cost on frags you trade with fellow hobbyists. The corals will also be displayed better than on egg crate. We all know a good presentation will make a coral look better. The frag will look better and stand out more on a Frag Station set in a beautiful display than it will in a frag tank with plastic egg crate half covered in nuisance algae.

Removing the Stem/ Mounting

Our plugs and disks come with a stem. This stem is removed easily with a wire cutter or fragging sheer. You can also use a rotary tool but this is messy. Turn the frag over and at the base of the platform snip it off with the wire cutters. It should break off flush. You can then use either a super glue gel or a reef safe epoxy to attach it to your rockwork. The gel will hold better if you remove the rock from the water. We recommend if you use the epoxy to surround the plug platform, put a little on top if the plug is not completely encrusted. This will encase the platform in the epoxy and hold it better. We personally use super glue gel when we mount our plugs but both methods work well. You can also leave the stem attached and wrap the epoxy around the stem providing more contact area. This does however make the plug stick out more until the coral has a chance to encrust.