Vendors, Distributors and Aquariums

These are vendors and distributors that sell or use our products. Not all the products we make are carried by every vendor. If you are interested in a product and cannot find it for sale send us and e-mail, and we will direct you to a vendor that does.


   Midwest Saltwater
The Filter Guys


   Marine Depot
Drs. Foster and Smith
Midwest Saltwater
The Filter Guys
Phishy Business
Reef Fragz
Exotic Frags
Blue Planet Corals
Cherry Corals
DIY Reef
Totally Exotic Corals
Just Coral
Skipton Pet Center
Saltwater Empire, Minnesota
Reefs Aquatics and Pet Emporium, Wisconsin
Reef Depot
New Alameda Aquatics
SW Imports, California
Aquatic Collections
Aquaholics, Virginia
Aquarium Wholesale, Kansas
The Feed Bag, Wisconsin
Aquatics Unlimited, Wisconsin
Great Ocean Wonders, Arizona
The Planet Coral, Missouri
Oceans Devotion, Minnesota
Riverside Corals, Minnesota
Paul's Corals, Wisconsin
Aquatech Imports
Dark Lord Coral Co


   Baltimore National Aquarium
Dallas Aquarium/ Dallas Zoo
Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium
The Smithsonian
New England Aquarium /Boston
Seaworld Texas
National Aquarium/ Washington DC

The Alternative Reef does not sell retail. We will not compete with our vendors and distributors for retail sales. We feel it is wrong to ask a business to sell for us, and then compete or undercut them for a sale. This creates a conflict of interest and can lead to soured relationships. We value our vendors and distributors and thank you for supporting them.

If you are a commercial store or licensed coral farm and have an interest in selling or using our products you can contact our distributors or us at We will need a copy of your sellers or use permit and proof that you are a commercial entity. A website, copy of a phone book ad or even a photo of your retail store front for example. Once you establish an account with one of our distributors orders generally ship out within 24 to 48 hours. The Alternative Reef takes pride in quick order turnaround and keeps a large inventory on hand. Back orders are rare and usually only on special order items. Most of our products are made by hand and take a lot of time and resources. Before your order is processed you will be made aware if any delays will occur.